Trending baby names

Trending Baby Names for 2023 & 2024

Choosing the perfect baby name for your soon-to-be child is one of the most fun (and sometimes stressful) things you get to do. These trending baby names are nature inspired, nostalgic, classic, and will be popular in 2022 & 2023.

Of course you want it to be perfect for your little one— whether that’s a trending baby name, unique boy name, unisex and cool name, a common baby name, pretty girl name, etc.

It seems that during the year 2021, people started to become nostalgic of their childhood years, which caused older names to come back to life. That trend is still continuing in 2022, as well as more unique baby names that we’ve never seen before.

So, without further ado, let’s see what baby names are trending for the year 2022 and 2023!

Most Popular Trending Baby Names

  • Arlo is rising up in the charts, according to You might recognize this name from the animated movie “The Good Dinosaur.”
  • Betty is a girl name that we will see increase in popularity since the passing of Betty White. The name Betty is also nostalgic to some, which will also cause it to become more popular.
  • Bruno. Do I even have to explain why this name is becoming more popular? In case you don’t know, the movie Encanto is a slam dunk. In the movie, there’s a song “we don’t talk about Bruno,” and people really love it!
  • Eloise is a traditional and nostalgic baby girl name that everyone is sure to love. It’s charming and flows right off the tongue.
  • Mirabel, another name from the hit Disney movie, Encanto. The name Mirabel is very pretty.
  • Sienna or Cienna is a beautiful and nature-y baby girl name that is more popular today than ever.
  • Theo is a spin off from Theodore and I really love this name.
  • Willa is super pretty and I’ve heard this name in a movie and immediately fell in love with it. I’m surprised more parents aren’t naming their baby girls Willa.
  • Willow has always been a fan favorite for girl names, and it continues to be trending in 2022.

Trending baby names
Trending Baby Names that are Nature Inspired

According to nameberry, these names are currently trending in the nature name department:

  •  Bali— yes, just like popular tourist spot in the province in Indonesia— is the perfect name for the parents who are looking for a true nature inspired baby name.
  • Bay, meaning the calm body of water where boats are stored, is the perfect name for the parents who are looking for an ocean inspired baby name.
  • Coast. As a mom who is in love with the ocean, I really love this name.
  • Koa. It makes sense that the name Koa is in the nature inspired baby name section, as KOA means Kampgrounds of America. So, if you’re a lover of camping, then this baby name might be for you!
  • Forest— perfect baby name if you’re a nature lover.
  •  Lotus, like the lotus flower, this name is beautiful.
  • Ocean— perfect baby name for the ones who love the ocean. A beautiful spin off of the name Ocean is Oceana.
  • Reefs is another ocean inspired baby name.
  • Woods is a great baby name for the ones who love to explore.
  • Ridge
  • Horizon

Best Nostalgic Baby Names Trending

  • Goldie, like the celebrity Goldie Hawn, this baby girl name screams nostalgia.
  • Nellie is a super cool older name.
  • Sally is coming back, especially by lovers of Tim Burton’s famous movie The Night Before Christmas.
  • Susie is an all time traditional girl’s name that sounds so pure.
  • Bobby or even Bobbi are unisex names trending right now!
  • Frank is a classic.
  • May or Mae
  • Victor is a very old school name. My great grandfather had this name!
  • Bruce is on its way back thanks to Batman.
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