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32 Charming Greek Mythology Names & Their Meanings

These Greek mythology names are inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses. These types of baby names are very beautiful and unique for boys and girls. I have compiled a list of Greek Mythology baby names for boys and girls, plus their meanings!

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baby with greek baby name

Greek Mythology Names for Girls Inspired by Greek Goddesses


Alala was the name of a Greek goddess meaning “war goddess” or “goddess of war.” Alala has a beautiful flow to it and is a perfect name for a strong baby girl.


Aphrodite was the name of a Greek goddess meaning “the goddess of love.”


Asia was the name of the sea god’s daughter.


Asteria is a Greek mythology name that means the “Titanus of falling stars.”


Athena was the name of a Greek goddess meaning “the goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, and law and justice.”


Aura is a Greek mythology name meaning “soft breeze.”


Cassandra is a Greek mythology name meaning “prophetess.”


Clio is a Greek mythology girl name meaning “glory.”


Cynthia is a more popular name in Greek mythology and means “moon goddess.”


Daphne is a classic girl name and holds the Greek meaning of “laurel tree” or “bay tree.”


Demeter is a great baby girl name if you are a fan of farming. The Greek mythology name, Demeter, means “the goddess of agriculture, growth, harvest, grain, and nourishment.”


Echo was a nymph, a “mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations.” Echo’s voice faded away after falling in love with the son of the river god, Cephissus.


Gaia is an old Greek name and means “earth mother.” Gaia was a Greek Goddess who was a mother to everyone.


Hera was the queen of all the Greek Gods. In Greek, Hera means “protectress.”


In Greek, Irene means “peace.” Irene is a lovely and traditional middle name– the goddess of peace, Serene, had Irene as a middle name.


Iris is a more popular Greek mythology name. Iris was the goddess of rainbows; how cute is that for a baby girl?


Leda means “happy” in Greek and is pronounced, “leydah.”


Maia, pronounced “Maya,” was the daughter of Atlas. Maia means “mother” in Greek.


Pandora means “all gifted” in Greek.

Greek Mythology Names for Boys Inspired by Greek Gods

baby with greek mythology name


Apollo was the “god of music, the sun, medicine, and poetry.”


Atlas was the name of a mythological Greek Titan. In Greek, Atlas means “to carry.”


In Greek, Eros means “to desire.” Eros was the Greek God of sexual love.


Griffin was a mythological creature in Greece and meant to be half-eagle, half-lion.


Hades means “unseen” and was the king of the dead in Greek mythology.


Jason is a more popular boy name. In Greek, Jason means “to heal.”


Morpheus means “the Greek god of dreams.”


Oceanus was the Titan of the ocean, and the name Oceanus means “of the Ocean.”


Orion in Greek means “rising in the sky.”


Poseidon was the God of the Sea, so if your family loves the ocean, then this baby boy name is the perfect name for you.


In Greek mythology, Triton was half-human, half-fish– a merman.


In Greek, Troy means “foot soldier,” which makes sense because the Trojan War occurred in a city called Troy.


Zeus was a Greek god who controlled the lightning, thunder, and the sky.


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