34 breathtaking flower names for girls (+ flower pictures)

If you find yourself asking, “What are good flower names for girls?” or “What is a unique flower name?” then you have come to the right spot!

Finding a girl name that is unique AND beautiful can sometimes be hard, especially if you want the baby’s name to mean something special. Or maybe you’re looking for more of a popular name.. Of course you want the baby name to fit in with the rest of the family. Either way, I’m here to help!

In this article, you will find:

  • unique flower names for girls
  • the prettiest flower names
  • flower girl names with deep meanings

flower baby name

What is the prettiest flower name? Rose or rosie– A classic and traditional name that holds true beauty until the end of time.

girl name rose

What girl name means flower? Flora. The name Flora means “flower” and is of Latin origin. The girl name Heather and Kalina are girl names that also mean “flower.”

Unique Flower Names for Girls

  1. Amaryllis means Sparkle.
  2. Cassia means a beautiful golden flower.
  3. Lillian means the lily flower.
  4. Willow like the Willow Tree.
  5. Dahlia, with the nickname Dolly, means Dahl’s flower.
  6. Zahara means flowering.
  7. Marigold means golden flower.
  8. Rosalie means rose.
  9. Lavender means purple flower.
  10. Rosemary like the herb, rosemary.

Flower Names for Girls

Belladonna is such a gorgeous Italian name that means probably what you would expect– beautiful ladyHowever, you wouldn’t expect for Belladonna to also be a fatal-when-eaten flower, also known as poisonous.

belladonna girl name

Blossom means flower of a plant, and was a popular baby girl name in the 90’s. Blossom was the name of one of the “Powerpuff girls,” which was the name of an animated TV show.

girl name blossom

Daisy means day’s eye, and is the name of Katy Perry’s daughter.

girl name daisy

Florentina means blooming and is named after the flower “iris florentina.” .

Florentine baby name

Harmony is a Latin name and means unity. If you’re surprised that the name Harmony is involved with flowers, you’re not alone. Usually when we think of “harmony,” we think of music. However, Harmony is actually the name of a flower that is a very beautiful purple color.

girl name harmony flower

Holly is a Christmas flower, so, if you’re baby is due around Christmas time or in December, this might be the name for you. Holly stands for holly tree and is of English origin.

holly girl name Christmas

Hyacinth are very pretty and girly flowers, so, if you’re going for more of a traditional girly-girl name, this might be the one! The girl name, hyacinth, means blue Larkspur flower and is of Greek origin.

girl name flower

Ivy means faithfulness and is more of a plant than flower. Ivy is a pretty girl name that could be a nickname for “Ivala.”

girl name ivy

Kahili is a Hawaiian baby girl name that means feather. 

girl name kahili

Girl Names Inspired by Flowers and Plants

Alyssa– “alyssum flower,” Greek girl name that means madness. 

Bryony– a vine-y plant, Greek girl name that means to swell.

Calla- “calla lily,” Greek girl name meaning beauty.

Camellia– pretty girl name and a flower that smells like an orange!

Chamomile– girl name that is of Greek origin and means earth apple. Chamomiles are small flowers that are white in color and people usually drink this flavor of tea.

Daffodil– this flower girl name is a Greek baby name and represents the yellow daffodil you find in fields.

Jasmine– just like Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie, Aladdin, this baby girl name means gift from God. 

Lotus– this flower baby name can be used for a girl or a baby boy.

Petunia– This baby name is quite an older girl name, but it’s still beautiful and inspired by flowers.

Primrose– this girl name reminds me of the character in the movie The Hunger Games.


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