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Best English Names for Boys

Choosing a name for a new baby is such a special time for parents. It is a time where they get to bond with each other and be creative with their baby’s name. Generally, choosing a baby name can be a memorable time experience for parents-to-be as they wait for their new baby to arrive and go through all of the factors that go into making a decision on the perfect name.

Choosing an English name for a baby has many significant benefits, especially if the family has English heritage. It could give the baby and family a way to connect with their culture. Another benefit of using an English baby name is the name will never grow too old. Most English names stay around for centuries, and some of them stay popular the whole time, like William.

English names for boys

Latest English Names for Boys

These English baby names for boys are the most popular today:

  • Liam- helmet of will, protection
  • Noah- comfort
  • William- protection
  • James- supplanter
  • Benjamin (Ben)- son of the right hand
  • Elijah- the Lord is my God
  • Lucas- bringer of light
  • Mason- stone worker
  • Logan- hollow
  • Aiden- little fire

Top Boy Names in the U.S. and Their Meanings

  • Theodore- God’s gift
  • Jackson- son of Jack
  • Alexander- warrior
  • Mateo- gift of God
  • Mason- stone worker
  • Sebastian- revered
  • Ethan- strong
  • Owen- noble born
  • Samuel- God has heard
  • Jacob- to supplant
  • Asher- blessed, happy
  • Joseph- God will give
  • Wyatt- war strength
  • David- beloved
  • Julian- youthful
  • Hudson- mind, heart, spirit
  • Carter- tourist
  • Isaac- he will laugh
  • Jayden- thankful
  • Luca- brighter of light
  • Dylan- son of the Sea
  • Thomas- twin
  • Maverick- independent minded person
  • Elias- the Lord is my God
  • Josiah- God supports and heals
  • Caleb- faithful, whole heartedly, loyalty
  • Christopher- bearing Christ
  • Andrew- strong, manly, courageous

Strong English Names for Boys & Their Meanings

  • Alexander- defender of the people
  • Caleb- faithful
  • Charles- free mean
  • Christopher- bearer of Christ
  • Daniel- God is my judge
  • David- beloved
  • Edward- wealthy guardian
  • Ethan- strong
  • Gabriel- God is my strength
  • Henry- ruler of the household
  • Isaac- laughter
  • Jack- God is gracious
  • John- God is gracious
  • Joseph- God will increase
  • Matthew- Gift of God
  • Michael- who is like God
  • Nathaniel- gift of God
  • Nicholas- victorious people
  • Oliver- Olive tree
  • Partick- nobleman
  • Peter- rock
  • Samuel- asked of God
  • Thomas- twin

Unique English Names for Boys

These baby names are unique for boys and perfect for 2024.

  • Calliope- beautiful voiced
  • Daxton- from the town of Dax
  • Finnian- little fair one
  • Huxley- Hugh’s meadow
  • Jethro- overflow
  • Kian- ancient
  • Lysander- liberator
  • Quinn- wise, reason
  • Rafferty- prosperity wielder
  • Zephyr- west wind
  • Atticus- belonging to Attica
  • Beckett- beehive
  • Caspian- white
  • Dashiell- from D’Assche, Normandy
  • Everest- known for Mount Everest
  • Finnegan- fair
  • Greyson- son of the gray haired man
  • Hawthorne- where hawthorn trees grow
  • Ignatius- fiery
  • Jasper- treasurer
  • Kael- slender
  • Lachlan- from the land of lakes
  • Magnus- greatest
  • Nolan- champion
  • Orion- rising in the sky
  • Phoenix- dark red
  • Rainer
  • Quincy
  • Sterling
  • Wilder

Old English Names and Their Meanings

Old English names are interesting names for baby boys. These baby names were popular during the medieval times:

  • Aelfric- elf ruler
  • Aethelstan- noble star
  • Aldred- old counsel
  • Alfgar- elf spear
  • Alfric- elf ruler
  • Athelard- noble strength
  • Bertram- bright raven
  • Cedric- chief, bounty
  • Cuthbert- famous, brillant
  • Edgar- wealthy spear
  • Edmund- rich protector
  • Edwin- rich friend
  • Godfrey- peace of God
  • Harold- ruler of an army
  • Leofric- beloved ruler
  • Oswin- friend of God
  • Reginald- ruler’s advisor
  • Wilfred- desiring peace
  • Wulfric- wolf ruler
  • Wybert- bright battle
  • Beowulf- bee hunter
  • Cuthbert- famous, brilliant
  • Dunstan- dark stone
  • Edmund- rich protector
  • Ethelred- noble counsel
  • Sigfrid- victorious peace
  • Theobald- bold people
  • Thurstan- Thor’s stone
  • Wuldstan- wolf stone
  • Baldwin- bold friend
  • Eadric- wealthy ruler
  • Godric- God’s ruler
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